In terms of raw number of completed drawings, 2020 was the most artistically productive year of my life, and will likely remain that way unless I eventually find myself out of a job and attempt to make a living off my art, which will hopefully never happen because I've never liked the idea of making a career out of my hobbies. Anyway, I think a fairly obvious confluence of events caused this to be the case: the pandemic kept me cooped up inside for most of the year, the only thing I had left to do to finish grad school was actually write my dissertation which I was desperately trying to do anything besides, and my grad school advisor suddenly died which meant that nobody was around to light a fire under my ass to actually do the thing I was supposed to do. this was also the year that I was finally convinced to participate in Art Fight, a goofy little yearly month-long gamified art-trade thing where people give and recieve gift art of fictional characters they've developed. I only planned on maybe doing a couple of these but it turned out to be pretty addictive and I kind of wilded out and made a ton of art of other folks' funky little dudes. conveniently, this was ALSO the year that i really started seriously developing my own funky little dude, TRUNGO, as a character.



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