2012 - 2015

From about 2006 to 2015 pretty much the only thing I drew were pages and pages of increasingly intricate wretched screaming and grimacing faces. I don't think there's any deep reason why; I just like grotesque shit and I got really good at drawing those things and really lazy about trying to draw anything else that I would inevitably find frustratingly difficult. 2015 was the high watermark of this style but it was also the nadir of my actual artistic output, only completing a dozen or so drawings over the entir year. Eventually, maybe because I got bored with my subjects, or self-conscious about them, or some other reason possibly having to do with graduate school induced brain damage, I just mostly stopped drawing. Below is a handful of things from this era that I still like or find at least interestng enough to bother uploading, including a few etchings I made in a printmaking class that I was able to sneak into. I might eventually dig up and scan a handful of other things from around here but it's mostly more of the same. Pretty much everything from before 2012 will stay in the vault forever.