Hello! If you're reading this then it's probably your turn for an ongoing art telephone game of mine. I put this page together to hopefully make things run more smoothly, especially for artists who haven't participated in one of these before.

You've presumably just recieved a drawing from me that was made by the last artist. Your job now is to redraw it in your own syle snd return it to me so that I can pass it along to the next artist. You can stick as closely or as loosely to the composition of the previous artist's drawing as you'd like. Sometimes it's nice to do a nearly identical composition but in your own style, but it's also fun to go buckwild and do a very loose interpretion. Basically, just do whatever you think would be the most fun. You can see examples of past games HERE and HERE and also HERE if you need inspiration.

One of my main goals is to balance how much pressure I put on the artists so that nobody feels rushed and stressed and has a bad time, while also making sure that the game keeps rolling along and, in the case of the current 72-artist Gigaphone, trying to make sure that it doesn't take more than an entire year to finish. To that end, my current strategy is to ask people to, if at all possible, please send me at least a rough draft of your art within 5 days of recieving your prompt. I'll send that along as the next person's prompt while you can then take all the time you need to finish. But also PLEASE don't then wait until the last minute of the game to finish! I really don't want to be running around at the 11th hour pestering people to send me their piece! That's not fun for anyone!

That said, if you can't make the 5-day deadline, don't sweat it, but also I would really appreciate if you let me know and send me occasional updates so that I don't get all anxious about you falling off the face of the earth.

Some other general FAQ-ish things:

The dimensions can be whatever you want! It is a little more convenient for me if the pictures portrait or square orientation rather than landscape, but it's not a big deal either way.

There's no resolution requirement, but higher resolution is always better. I can always shrink things down if needed.

PNGs are preferable to JPGs but again, not a huge deal either way.

If you send me a rough draft for the next artist, it should ideally be in color, even if it's a very rough coloring, to help the next person along.

I always encourage adding additional characters and creatures to the composition. I've found that these games are always the most fun if there are at least 2 or 3 entities interacting on the page.

You're welcome to simplify things, but try to not go overboard. There should ideally be some kind of background or environment, and again hopefully at least a couple characters.

Most people really hate drawing skeletons. Do what you will with this information.

Remember that your drawing doesn't have to be a masterpiece or anything. It's much better to turn in something that you're not 100% happy with than to fuss and fret about it for months.

If you send me a rough draft and then later decide you're dissatisfied with the composition of your piece and want to redo it, that's totally fine, even if the next artist has already based their own piece on it. i'd rather there be a slight discontinuity in the art chain than force anyone to work on a drawing they don't like.

If something comes up during your turn, either IRL obligations or complications or just regular old artblock, that's going to significantly delay your piece, don't worry! You can always let me know and I can temporarily skip you and reshuffle you further down the queue. I'd much rather people have a false start and then hop in again later on than have to drop out entirely.