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(only open the prompt of your asigned target unless you want to spoil the surprise i guess)

Lollipop catshark or Argonaut
Doesn’t need to be animal art, can be morphed, monsterified, anthro, etc.
Feel free to also put them in situations

I think it’d be really cool if someone tried their hand at automatic illustration, I have an example

So I would love to see someone try to creat a poster or drawing with just whatever sparks come into their mind as they go

Ok my secret Santa prompt is just the theme of Circus Flea. It can be anything you want, a flea dressed like a clown or juggling swords, a tight rope walker, a lion tamer flea but the lion is also a flea dressed up. My only request is no more ring master fleas. I have too many of those already.

trungo or quercus or any of my other characers. or a regular weevil.


Napoleon Dynamite

The Mi-Go from the Cthulhu Mythos

An Ant Eater

OCs pictured (no need to stick super closely to the ref, have fun!)

Owl dragon / monster or insect dragon / monster... or BOTH as ONE....

me kitty / kitties (pictured) - i often like drawing them as RPG classes / characters so would love to see that. Black + white boy, Quill, is a big strong charismatic chaotic neutral man, and flamepoint cream gal Beebee is so very head empty bard / healer type of neutral good lady. Her eyes are a little crossed so I always love including that.

and if those aren't of interest to you, maybe your favorite animal / monster / critter

I really like seeing my fursonas fishing/doing anything in nature really

Any of these guys in the CBL Tag on my toyhouse (there is a mix of anthro, alien, and creature): LINK

Ahab again

Ethel and Furball (pig girl and shapeshifter) go together in an old timey Appalachian setting

or some Lisa Frank fishes

Or you can just draw a birg if you know what those are

Option 1: draw me as a 'sona of anything you're happiest/most comfortable with drawing. Monster, dragon, plant, fungus, bug, beast, bird, whatever. If you pick this option I can answer any questions about general appearance/personality to help you out.

Option 2: draw something with a skull and flowers motif, any interpretation you want

Option 3: the wildest mermaid you can think of

biblically accurate celestials with a theme around gods and monsters by Lana del Rey

or this guy:

make him weird and more murder-y! Like a deep sea eel

(A nightjar inspired archaeopteryx)

My Tatzelwurm character Saturn. Based off of my bengal cat in real life as well as a dragon I have on flightrising ^^

My dragon that I haven't thought a name up for yet

My Warforged Artificer, Bishop

Currently my splatoon characters are my beloveds and would be top priority for receiving art. Can draw with each other or solo in fun clothes, I don't really mind, I just like to see them

Slug city characters also very good. Always happy to see slug city art. Headworld about anthro inverts dealing with horrible things

Old gods, technically there are more characters but I don't have updated references for them yet. Good if you want to draw a silly creature with dubious morals

Downtown diptera, for if you'd like to draw anthro bugs. they are in a band!

general characters folder is also fair game for anything not listed here specifically!

That should have a pretty wide range of stuff to cover but in case none of those things pique your interest you are also welcome to draw some cool flies or anything with eyeballs on it. thanks for reading!


If any of this is uncomfortable, feel free to draw them as a bug

a wolf (any coat pattern, multiple wolves if you like) hanging out in the cool grass in the soft light just before sunrise. by a river, in the forest, in the tundra, whatever you want

southwestern american fauna (arizona bark scorpion, grand canyon tarantula, coyote, owl, bobcat etc) and/or flora (prickly pear, organ pipe cactus, saguaro etc)

border collie(s) herding/lounging/generally being cute (they can be mixes/mutts). they could be wearing funny hats or something

You can pick any of my characters here: LINK
You're free to draw any of the others on my website but for sake of simplicity the ones linked here I consider to be my main guys. Also skelizard

If for whatever reason you have issues loading my site and have an art fight account you can view them here too: LINK

You can also draw an eastern water dragon, a frilled neck lizard, or australian pelican, or whatever your favourite lizard is.

For the dino enjoyers styracosaurus and baryonyx are my faves.

Whatever you choose my request is simply to have fun with it!

Mad Science Frog Mutant

The Wicked Jerboa Pope

Funeral For A Machine Corpse

emperor bg3

auntie ethel bg3

nosferatus are always fun

any good bug if you're a bug enjoyer

this beanie baby or really any beanie baby you like

My sona - Literally just me but in a sheep suit. Kinda chubby! I like knitting, going on big silly walks, my cats, all birds of every shape and size, and uhhhhhhhhh having emotions over Spock from the original series Star Trek. Draw him doing literally whatever you want!

Hennock - a satyr warlock. Personality is basically Dean from The Iron Giant. Kinda tall and fat. Very chill, mellow easy going man who is genuinely a kind soul but with a Knowing ©️ vibe that makes him inscrutable in general and off putting to some. Wandering man who does odd jobs. Lives mostly off grid in wherever he can find shelter. Clothes are old and well worn but never too dirty. Smells like heather. Loves all animals but especially LOVES cats. Smokes weed, will share with you if you ask. Low key anarchist. Draw him however and doing whatever you want, just keep him fat with big horns! NOTE - headshot is older art and slightly offmodel, the fullbody is the more "on model" one!

fursona, for anthro enjoyers. enjoys classical vampire activities and turning into goop

DnD Wizard/street performer (being a wizard is his hobby & he does not use spells in his performances) very serious about bringing joy to people / his face is stuck like this

there's also this "spider of the mind" (and baby spiderling of the mind) I made for a game I was running, as an end-game boss encounter. it makes people who look at it mad, and if you fail a check one starts growing in your mind :) it'd be interesting to see what kind of colours/textures it could have! the abdomen can resemble anything that would illicit fear

I also LOVE WEEVILS and Sphingidae (the moths, not the.. miraculous ladybug villain?? of the same name?)

here are some of my favorite characters

you have complete and total artistic freedom to do whatever youd like with them, take as many liberties as you please :)