only open the prompt of your target unless you want to spoil the surprise which i mean that's up to you

For the secret santa: callichimaera perplexa or grenadier fish

Any style, color, or pattern is oaky ^^

Doesn't need to be pet art either can be anthro, monsterified, etc.

my cblsanta request is an assortment of collembola depicted in any medium or fashion the artist chooses

Nominating my character John Sinner, PI (paranormal investigator). He's decently tall, has very thin, wispy hair somewhere in the color spectrum of rat fur, and always wears the same thing: pants, leather shoes, dress shirt, suspenders, trench coat, and the round wireframe glasses. Usually 60yrs or so old, sometimes less. He is an unfortunate victim of all-dimensional time and space warpery, frequently finds himself trapped in someone else's nightmare and the likes. So sometimes his form changes. Sometimes he's a skin-and-bones young adult, sometimes he is anything else. You could slap a pair of glasses and a trench coat on anything and it could be John. If you can do anything anthro, please, go wild. I haven't drawn him in a long while, so this is the only thing I can dig up easily:

If you're really into pureform pet art only, I used to keep ghost shrimp and I love em.

feel free to draw any of my characters here or any other characters or creatures on my tumblr that catch your eye. i'm good with whatever.

if you have any questions feel free to send them via dui

for my prompts I've got a few options...

a trickster pumpkin person

a deer monster (cw body horror)

a desert goblin

if not an OC then I love to see art of raccoons and bees in particular (bonus points if the bees are on a skull for some reason)

-my shadowblob persona reading, sitting atop a stack of precariously stacked books.

-like it's a tower of books that looks like it'll fall over at the slightest breeze, and they're just oblivious to it.

alternative request

-draw your best skeleton on a skateboard

1) some combination of bird and canopic jar. People can reference these drawings or make up their own!

Or just weird birds...

2) Second is just the one pic of the tornadic beast-basically, some aminal with a tornado for a head. Go wild

Last is Aubrit just bc I have so many pictures of him

As far as Aubrit goes any colors even vaguely adjacent to my tumblr icon (3rd pic) are great

my cbl santa prompt(s):

- any of my ocs here, experimentation welcome: [LINK]

- if you prefer not to draw any of these ocs in the form that they are, you may draw any of them as a bug (either a bug person or just like a normal bug you can do whatever)

- if you prefer not to draw any of my ocs in any form, you can draw an espeon

i just want this lil dude

one option is my DnD character Gashanamir

Tabaxi bard with an ostentatious style (especially the hat)

my second option is my other character, a skekSis:
skekSha is a female (as much as they can have gender) skekSis who was in charge of botany and was an underling to the Scientist. Mainly in charge of growing plants and gathering ingredients for the Scientist to use in his poisons and experiments. She's considered "not good enough" to be part of the Emperor's inner circle but keeps hoping to gain this honour either by her own skills or by the death of one of the favourites.
Natural greedy backstabber.
Her clothes were once very luxurious velvet and lace but after many years of neglect they're incredibly shabby and grimy, since she can't afford replace them.
[no image references]

for animals i think i could go for this two headed fella, i think the name is for it is albino tangerine honduran milk snake, i also like the glowy firefly.




Hesper the halfling vampire

Other options:

golden dragon

or Praateshie/Parcheesi (snuffy's warlock patron)

pill millipede guy

any of these characters:

Leopold the weird wool with dinosaur scales

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any character from my toyhouse will do but I'd be most interested in seeing characters from the Slug City folder! No particular specifics, and if the giftee has any questions about the characters then let me know [LINK]

Some represtenation of my cat Bosse. He is a big silly baby that is often annoying and too fast to take a picture of.

(Many more photos in petcats channel)

Or, if you see something from my stopmotion stuff that inspires you, go for it! [LINK]

OAlso anything with a (Eurasian) magpie, realistic or fantastical, is good.

for this year i'm thinking of a mandrill baboon as an astronaut..... the style does not matter, it's up to the artist! the suit can be cute, futuristic, past... but, it is space mandrill ^_^

Okay prompt things for cbl santa thingo:

-Pet pics if ya wanna doodle the axies, they are my perfect lil pals who've never done a thing wrong in their life.

-Fav dinos are baryonyx and styracosaurus feel free to doodle one of 'em paleo fellas if ya want.

-I like skeletons and ghosts and spooky shit like that if ya wanna do somethin' that involves that.

-Can draw one of my characters if ya want, you can find pics/info of them on my website. I don't particularly got any preferences just pick whoever tickles your fancy. [LINK]

-There's also my awful lil skelizard creature thing that isn't on my website so here's some pics of that.

Hopefully one of those things works for you!


Alucard Hellsing
Any of the WWDITS idiots
Ty Beanie Babies
Hyperion cantos

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